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With countless hours of work, and many dollars spent, we can say, we have developed the best and only Private Server for Clash Royale! Our team have spent a lot of time to create something that really works, and not just a crappy online generator, that you can find on the internet! Our site really work, and we are not going to scam you for money. This project is no-profit, and always will be, anyone who copies our site will ofcourse make money out of it, but we will try to protect our site, so that it doesn't happen! If you are into mobile games, and you play many of them, Clash Royale is a must for you, especially with this Private server! It's similar to Clash Of Clans, if we can say, it is a complete replica of that game, but it doesn't matter, because it is pretty enjoyable and a good thing to spend your time with! All you have to do is download the game from Google Apps, or to you IPhone, push on the icon, and you can begin! Play with it on the subway, the toilet, or in your bed!

The only working Private Server of Clash Royale

You can trust in our word. This is the best, and only working server! We've seen many fake ones on Google, and YouTube, but they were all counterfeit, and wanting to take your money, with nothing to give! We have spent several hundreds of dollars, to hire coders, and black hat hackers, to create a backdoor method, that no server can detect! Using these techniques we were able to create a new aspect of gaming on your phone! You no longer need to spend money, to enjox a game, no longer need to spend hundreds and hundreds of hours of playing to achieve something! You could just click on connect, and buy everything from the store from free. What is the best thing about it? That it's free, and will stay on your account, even if you are not connected to our Clash Royale Private server anymore! Now tell me, what other website offers this kind of service? None. None of we have seen at least!

What are you waiting for?

Seriously! What are you waiting for? Just click that damn connect button, and enjoy the world we have created for you! If you have problems with the connection, feel free to message us on the email, that you can find on the bottom of the page! Our connecting methods work on IOS, Android, Windows and Mac as well! You shouldn't have any problems with it! Just enter your Clash Royale username, and click on connect. Wait a little bit, untill our server connect your name, and you with the special private IP that we generate for everyone, to keep this site secure! If you are done with these, then select the server that you want to play on based on where you live! We heavily recommend choosing a server that is close to you, because if you don't it can cause you lag issues, what makes the game unenjoyable! After you have selected the desired Server Region, just click on continue, and you will be prompted to verify yourself. This is needed so we can stop the spam bots that try to connect thousand time per seconds! After you have completed a free survey, and proved you are human, you will be granted an URL, that you can use to connect to your Clash Royale Private Server! We hope we we created a nice community for you, and enjoy the good times!

King of the Clash Royale Private Server